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Set #08

There aren't text-icons this time.... well yeah. There are like 5 or 6 funny icons, but nothing more. This time I wanted to test my skills on photoshop. So, these are mostly graphic/art/whatever the name icons. I also made animated icons. Breaking Dawn spoilers too, you're warned. Hope you like them. Ohhh, and... I made 2 manipulations using the new Entertainment Weekly scans. Here's the list:

♥ [13] EW scans
♥ [6] Animated Icons
♥ [4] Funny animated icons

♥ [15] Puccpires (new/old puccpires)
♥ [3] Funny text-icons - Maria/Jasper
♥ [44] Silhouettes - Twilight Couples

♥ [2] Manipulations (Taylor/Kstew) - EW scans
♥ [4] Icons (Taylor/Kstew) - EW scans

Breaking Dawn spoilers
♥ [2] Animated icon
♥ [15] Quotes

♥ Someone requested O-M-G animated icons but I haven't made any of them because I'm waiting for the Penelope's DVD clips... so please wait until the next batch is done. Sorry :( again.


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Set #07

I'm back...! Yeah, after almost two months hahaha. Sorry. I was doing my thesis project since then. I never had time to do anything at all, really. But now I have plenty of time because I'm done with it... the only thing left is the certification exam I have to present in front of a panel *shudders* ARGH I hate that. Anyway, as for the icons er... I made a lot of text-icons, included some funny Breaking Dawn icons HAHAHA YEAH! A LOT OF SPOILERS from the first chapter. YOU ARE WARNED! Here's the list:

♥ Edward/Bella as usual LOL
♥ Edward/Bella puccpires. 50x50 animated icons
♥ The Cullens (Emmett/Rosalie, Jasper/Alice, the official crest)
♥ Werewolves - Funny icons
♥ Edward/Seth <3442312
♥ Funny icons
I support icons
Twilight the movie funny icons
♥ like.no.other icons

♥ Happy places
♥ One day after the released
♥ Funny icons

♥ 50x50 puccpires icons by ~runswithVAMPIRES at DA
♥ Quil Ateara icons by whoajessica
♥ "I support" icon by manoelawood
♥ Someone requested O-M-G animated icons but I haven't made any animated icons yet... so please wait until the next batch.

♥ I edited the marihuana/marijuana icons... LOL I thought it was marijuana in spanish and marihuana in english AHHAHA XD not the other way around. Sorry. I'm so ignorant.
REQUESTS 2: embry & jacob icons by bluesuzanne, jacob/leah icons by medoraly


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Set #06

Me again :D with more funny animated icons too <3

Finally!! I've decided to create my own Twilight related artwork community: inmortalidad  (immortality in spanish). Feel free to join or friend it C: it's for all audiences. I will only post icons and macros though... If you're looking for some fan arts and icons featuring the puccpires :D then check out the other community I co-run with drunk_machine  about funny Twilight things in spanish: crepusculito  or check out our devianart :D

Now, here's the list, remeber I'm taking requests ((:
+ Funny Animated icons (teaser trailer, "meet the cars", St. Helens "Port Angeles" clips)
+ Funny text icons & Theories
+ Names

+ Charlie text-icons by sylarsexypants 


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Set #05

Me again :D with more funny icons and a few animated icons too <3

Btw, I don't wanna make any more animated icons :/ That last mtv "trailer" - "Meet the cast" was full of spoilers!! I don't wanna get spoiled too much. I really wanna enjoy the movie when it comes out. I've seen that videoclip twice, well 3 times because of NoMoreMarbles last videoclip (hahaha so funny) but arghh. I just... I saw that videoclip for the 1st time and I was hyperventilating HAHA and then I stopped breathing like Bella when I saw James (OHHHH JAMES *DROOLS*) LOL. The 2nd time I saw that clip I was like... hmm...whatever. You know... that was shocking, I was like... why didn't I get excited about the clip like I did the 1st time? I didn't feel anything the 2nd time!!!! ARGHHH...!!! That's why I won't make another animated icon of any movie trailer, only of interviews >_<. I'm trying not to spoil myself again with videoclips like that, or animated icons for that matter *cries*. T_T

Anywaaaayyyy, I wanna say thaaaaaaaaanks to drunk_machine  , gatito_urbano   and li_akari   for helping me with these icons and thank you all of you for your comments T______T you rock guys!!

Now, here's the list, remeber I'm taking requests :D ::
+ Dialogues: Cullens/Jacob/Denali coven/"Nomads"
+ Animated icons (old clips, interviews)
+ Funny text icons
+ "Productive nights" text icons

+ Edward's dazzling & how subtle E/B romance is at times for starwriterlv   & glamorous_honey  
+ Some funny dialogues for li_akari   and drunk_machine  
+ Edward/James for aglassofwine


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Set #04

It's me again :D with more funny icons and also ANIMATED ICONS YEY! <3 This is my first time making animated icons so be gentle C:

You know I was like so freakin amazed with the new video-interviews and stuff that I wanted to make animated icons so badly but I was like... huh.. I remember Image Ready was a good tool for that and then I realized I had it installed in my lap yeeey but I had the 7.0 version so I wanted the CS3 but then I went to downloads.com and found out it WASN'T THEREEEEE HAHA... so I googled the name and came across to some PS forum who wrote this in a thread:

Adobe ImageReady has been discontinued. Most of its core features have been included in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

I was like WTTTTTFFFFFFF???!!! I have installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended in my lap and NEVER figured out about that... well someone told me that we are now allow to make videos in PS CS3 and I was like oh yeah right but I can't open any .mpg file in PS CS3 and it does not preserve animation data when you open an existing animated GIF file. And yeah I CAN do both things in Image Ready :/ so I'm still using IR for the .mpg and .gif files and CS3 for the rest. But OMFG....I never realized they were merged! HAHAHA. Anyway, after this useless babling here you have the icons:

Remember I'm taking requests :D

Here's the list:
+ Cullens, Jacob
+ Funny icons
+ Funny animated icons
+ New Moon & Eclipse spoilers
+ 08/02/08 - Breaking Dawn
+ 12/12/08 - Twilight the movie

Here's the list of request:
+ Jasper/Alice for my friend li_akari  
+ James/Victoria/Laurent for my friend drunk_machine           


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